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Stainless Steel 317L is stocked by 60 North American distributors and produced by 60 large mills. Distributors will offer small quantity buys while mills will generally only sell large quantities, with delivery times anywhere from 10 to 50 weeks depending on size and form required

This material is stocked primarily in Flat Rolled Products by 25 distributors but is also available to a lesser extent in Tubular Products, Bar Products, Piping Components, Wire Products, Structurals, Fasteners, and Forging Products.


The following specifications cover Stainless Steel 317L

Property Results

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Chemistry Data : [top]


0.03 max


18 - 20




2 max


3 - 4


11 - 15


0.045 max


1 max


0.03 max

Principal Design Features 317L is a low carbon version of 317 stainless. It possesses the same high strength and corrosion resistance and will produce stronger welds due to its low carbon content. Many users are shifting over to this alloy in lieu of 304 and 316 as availability and cost improves.

Applications Chemical and petrochemical process equipment, pulp and paper manufacturing and condensers in fossil and nuclear fueled power generation stations.

Machinability Low speeds and constant feeds will minimize this alloy's tendency to work harden. Tougher than 304 stainless with a long stringy chip, the use of chip breakers is recommended.

Welding All common fusion and resistance methods except oxyacetylene welding have proven successful. Use AWS E/ER 317L filler metal for best results.

Hot Working All common hot working processes are possible with this alloy. Heat to 2100-2300 F (1149-1260 C). Avoid working this material below 1700 F (927 C). For optimum corrosion resistance, a post-work annealing is recommended.

Cold Working Shearing, stamping, heading and drawing can be successfully performed . To remove internal stresses, a post-work annealing is recommended.

Annealing 1850-2050 F (1010-1121 C), followed by rapid cooling.

Hardening This alloy does not respond to heat treatment. Cold work will cause an increase in both hardness and strength.

Physical Data : [top]

Density (lb / cu. in.) 0.29
Specific Gravity 7.9
Specific Heat (Btu/lb/Deg F - [32-212 Deg F]) 0.12
Electrical Resistivity (microhm-cm (at 68 Deg F)) 444
Melting Point (Deg F) 2550
Modulus of Elasticity Tension 28

Mechanical Data : [top]

MSO currently has no data available for this grade.


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