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1.4547 (UNS S31254 – 254 SMO® – SS2378)

** Nearest equivalent grade.

Product standards

  • Seamless tube and pipe: ASTM A269, A213, A312, NFA 49-217, EN 10216-5
  • Welded tube and pipe: ASTM A249, A269 , A312, A358, A409
  • Fittings: ASTM A182
  • Bar: ASTM A276, A479, EN 10088-3
  • Forged products: ASTM A473

The following figures apply to solution annealed condition seamless tube and pipe.

Wall thickness Proof strength Tensile strength Elong. Hardness

Rp0.2a) Rp1.0a) Rm Ab) A2" HRB
mm MPa MPa MPa % %
Metric units, at 20°C
<5 ≥310 ≥340 675-850 ≥35 ≥35 ≤96
>5 ≥310 ≥340 655-850 ≥35 ≥35 ≤96

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2

Wall thickness Proof strength Tensile strength Elong. Hardness

Rp0.2a) Rp1.0a) Rm Ab) A2" HRB
inch ksi ksi ksi % %
Imperial units, at 68°F
<0.187 ≥45 ≥49 98-123 ≥35 ≥35 ≤96
>0.187 ≥45 ≥49 98-123 ≥35 ≥35 ≤96

a) Rp0.2 and Rp1.0 correspond to 0.2% offset and 1.0% offset yield strength, respectively.
b) Based on L0 = 5.65 √S0 where L0 is the original gauge length and S0 the original cross-section area.

Impact strength

Due to its austenitic microstructure, Sandvik 254 SMO has very good impact strength both at room temperature and at cryogenic temperatures.

Tests have demonstrated that the steel fulfils the requirements (60 J (44 ft-lb) at -196 oC (-320 oF)) according to the European standards EN 13445-2 (UFPV-2) and EN 10216-5.

At high temperatures

Intermetallic phases are precipitated within the temperature range of 600–1000°C (1110–1830°F). Therefore, the steel should not be exposed to these temperatures for prolonged periods.

Proof strength
°C Rp0.2 Rp1.0
min. min.
Metric units
100 230 270
200 190 225
300 170 200
500 148 180
Proof strength
°F Rp0.2 Rp1.0
ksi ksi
min. min.
Imperial units
200 34 40
400 27 32
600 24 29
900 22 26

Figure 1. Strength values (min. values) for Sandvik 254SMO and allowable stress according to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code section VIII, div. 1.


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