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Alloy 254 SMO - 254 Smo Material Equivalent

** Nearest equivalent grade.

Product standards

  • Seamless tube and pipe: ASTM A269, A213, A312, NFA 49-217, EN 10216-5
  • Welded tube and pipe: ASTM A249, A269 , A312, A358, A409
  • Fittings: ASTM A182
  • Bar: ASTM A276, A479, EN 10088-3
  • Forged products: ASTM A473


1.4547 (UNS S31254 – 254 SMO® – SS2378)

By using 1.4547 (UNS S31254 – 254 SMO® – SS2378) you get a high alloyed, stainless steel with outstanding corrosion resistance. The steel is developed for use in halide-containing environment such as seawater. Some common applications are off shore, marine environment and within chemical industry.

1.4547 (also called UNS S31254, 254 SMO® and SS2378) is a high alloyed austenitic stainless steel with exceptionell corrosion resistance. The steel is developed for use in halide-containing environment such as seawater, hydrochloric acid and contaminated sulphuric acid. 1.4547 has a superior resistance to uniform corrosion compared with common stainless steel, especially in acids containing halides. It has a high content of alloy materials which gives the steel exceptionally good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. The steel also have very good resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Typical application areas for 1.4547:

  • Off shore
  • Marine environment
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry

Good formability and weldability
1.4547 has a good weldability and the methods used for welding conventional austenitic steels are used. It is somewhat more sensitive to hot cracking and shall be welded with low heat input.

Filler metal of type Avesta Welding P12 or P16 are recommended. These filler metals will give a weld with a resistance to pitting corrosion. The steel can be both cold and hot formed. Due to a higher strength and alloy materials the steel is difficult to machine.

We offer steel grade 1.4547 in the following profiles

Steel grade 1.4547 is a available as machined round bar in dimensions 10 – 320 mm..

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